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Ohio State University Departments

Departments Classes
Accounting and Management Info Accounting and Management Info 39
Adv Computing Cntr Arts&Design Adv Computing Cntr Arts&Design 6
Aeronautical and Astro Engr Aeronautical and Astro Engr 23
African American & African Std African American & African Std 24
Agricul Envrmntl & Devlop Econ Agricul Envrmntl & Devlop Econ 49
Agricultural Communication Agricultural Communication 12
Agricultural Systems Mgmt Agricultural Systems Mgmt 14
Agricultural&Extension Educatn Agricultural&Extension Educatn 14
Agriscience Education Agriscience Education 11
Air Force Aerospace Studies Air Force Aerospace Studies 4
American Sign Language American Sign Language 3
Anatomy Anatomy 15
Animal Sciences Animal Sciences 69
Anthropology Anthropology 35
Arabic Arabic 13
Architecture Architecture 30
Art Art 84
Art Education Art Education 30
Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences 24
Astronomy Astronomy 18
Athletic Training Athletic Training 14
Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences 7
Aviation Aviation 29
Biochemistry Biochemistry 18
Biology Biology 18
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering 30
Biomedical Informatics Biomedical Informatics 6
Biomedical Science Biomedical Science 8
Biophysics Biophysics 7
BosnianCroatianSerbian Bosnian - Croatian - Serbian 2
Business Admin : Finance Business Admin : Finance 63
Business Admin : Mgmt & HR Business Admin : Mgmt & HR 68
Business Admin: Management Sci Business Admin: Management Sci 32
Business Admin:Marketing & Log Business Admin:Marketing & Log 51
Business Administration Business Administration 19
Chemical and Biomolecular Eng Chemical and Biomolecular Eng 34
Chemical Physics Chemical Physics 3
Chemistry Chemistry 47
Chinese Chinese 33
City and Regional Planning City and Regional Planning 47
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 48
Classics Classics 18
Communication Communication 66
Community Leadership Community Leadership 20
Comparative Studies Comparative Studies 65
Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science & Engineering 96
Construction Systems Mgmt Construction Systems Mgmt 26
Consumer Sci: Con&Fam Fin Serv Consumer Sci: Con&Fam Fin Serv 8
Consumer Sci: Fashion & Retail Consumer Sci: Fashion & Retail 14
Consumer Sci: Hospitality Mgt Consumer Sci: Hospitality Mgt 13
Consumer Sciences Consumer Sciences 19
Ctr for Study&Teaching Writing Ctr for Study&Teaching Writing 3
Czech Czech 1
Dance Dance 81
Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene 22
Dentistry Dentistry 112
Design Design 44
Disability Studies Disability Studies 4
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences 64
East Asian Languages and Lit East Asian Languages and Lit 8
Economics Economics 61
Educ Sts: Counselor Education Educ Sts: Counselor Education 28
Educ Sts: Cultural Foundations Educ Sts: Cultural Foundations 14
Educ Sts: Education Psychology Educ Sts: Education Psychology 15
Educ Sts: Education Technology Educ Sts: Education Technology 9
Educ Sts: Educational Admin Educ Sts: Educational Admin 17
Educ Sts: Higher Ed & Stdt Aff Educ Sts: Higher Ed & Stdt Aff 17
Educ Sts: Philosophy of Educ Educ Sts: Philosophy of Educ 10
Educ Sts: Qualitative Research Educ Sts: Qualitative Research 6
Educ Sts: Qunt Rsch Eval&Msrmt Educ Sts: Qunt Rsch Eval&Msrmt 9
Educ Sts: School Psychology Educ Sts: School Psychology 12
Educ Sts: Special Education Educ Sts: Special Education 20
Educ Sts: Tchr Ed Plcy & Ldshp Educ Sts: Tchr Ed Plcy & Ldshp 3
Educ Sts: Wkfrc Dvlpt & Educ Educ Sts: Wkfrc Dvlpt & Educ 17
Education and Human Ecology Education and Human Ecology 3
Education:Teaching & Learning Education:Teaching & Learning 95
Educational Studies Educational Studies 9
Electrical and Computer Eng Electrical and Computer Eng 81
Engineering Engineering 47
English English 132
Entomology Entomology 20
Environment & Natural Resource Environment & Natural Resource 63
Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering 18
Environmental Science Environmental Science 1
Evol Ecology & Organismal Bio Evol, Ecology & Organismal Bio 35
Exploration Exploration 1
Family & Consumer Science Educ Family & Consumer Science Educ 6
Film Studies Film Studies 6
Food Science & Technology Food Science & Technology 31
Food Agricul & Bio Engineer Food, Agricul & Bio Engineer 27
Food Agricul & Enviro Sci Food, Agricul, & Enviro Sci 2
French French 30
Geodetic Sciences MPS Geodetic Sciences MPS 12
Geography Geography 51
German German 34
Graduate School Graduate School 3
Greek Greek 7
Health and Rehabilitation Sci Health and Rehabilitation Sci 48
Health Info Mgt & Systems Health Info Mgt & Systems 10
Hebrew Hebrew 15
Hindi Hindi 2
History History 105
History of Art History of Art 27
Honors University Honors, University 1
Horticulture and Crop Science Horticulture and Crop Science 42
Human Dev and Family Science Human Dev and Family Science 34
Human Nutrition Human Nutrition 23
Industrial and Sys Engineering Industrial and Sys Engineering 41
Integrated Biomedical Science Integrated Biomedical Science 114
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine 14
International Studies International Studies 47
Italian Italian 14
Japanese Japanese 30
Jewish Studies Jewish Studies 9
Kinesiology Kinesiology 5
Kinesiology: Health&Exercs Sci Kinesiology: Health&Exercs Sci 20
Kinesiology:Physical Education Kinesiology:Physical Education 26
Kinesiology:Sprt Ftns&Hlth Pr Kinesiology:Sprt, Ftns&Hlth Pr 121
Kinesiology:Spt Indsty Spt Mgt Kinesiology:Spt Indsty Spt Mgt 24
Korean Korean 13
Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture 31
Latin Latin 10
Law Law 79
Linguistics Linguistics 52
Master of Business Admin Master of Business Admin 12
Materials Science and Engineer Materials Science and Engineer 34
Mathematics Mathematics 84
Meat Science Meat Science 10
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 84
Medical Dietetics Medical Dietetics 14
Medical Laboratory Science Medical Laboratory Science 16
Medicine College of Medicine, College of 12
Medieval & Renaissance Studies Medieval & Renaissance Studies 12
Microbiology Microbiology 28
Military Science Military Science 6
Modern Greek Modern Greek 8
Molec Cellular Dvlpmtl Bio Molec, Cellular, Dvlpmtl Bio 4
Molecular and Cellular Biochem Molecular and Cellular Biochem 11
Molecular Genetics Molecular Genetics 27
Molecular Virology Immunology Molecular Virology Immunology 10
Music Music 584
Naval Science Naval Science 9
Near Eastrn Lang and Cultures Near Eastrn Lang and Cultures 12
Neurological Surgery Neurological Surgery 2
Neuroscience Department Neuroscience Department 10
Neuroscience Graduate Studies Neuroscience Graduate Studies 1
Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering 18
Nursing Nursing 65
Nursing Advancement Nursing Advancement 3
Nursing Practice Nursing Practice 6
Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy 16
Ohio State Biochemistry Prg Ohio State Biochemistry Prg 4
Optometry Optometry 25
Otolaryngology Otolaryngology 2
Pathology Pathology 9
Pediatrics Pediatrics 1
Persian Persian 6
Pharmacology Pharmacology 8
Pharmacy Pharmacy 84
Philosophy Philosophy 44
Physical Med & Rehabilitation Physical Med & Rehabilitation 2
Physical Therapy Physical Therapy 21
Physics Physics 44
Physiology and Cell Biology Physiology and Cell Biology 5
Plant Pathology Plant Pathology 23
Polish Polish 2
Political Science Political Science 67
Portuguese Portuguese 15
Psychology Psychology 85
Pub Hlth: Biostatistics Pub Hlth: Biostatistics 7
Pub Hlth: Envirmtl Hlth Scis Pub Hlth: Envirmtl Hlth Scis 11
Pub Hlth: Epidemiology Pub Hlth: Epidemiology 13
Pub Hlth: Hlth Bhvr&Hlth Prom Pub Hlth: Hlth Bhvr&Hlth Prom 11
Pub Hlth: Hlth Srvcs Mgt&Plcy Pub Hlth: Hlth Srvcs Mgt&Plcy 16
Public Affairs John Glenn Sch Public Affairs, John Glenn Sch 48
Public Health Public Health 6
Quechua Quechua 2
Radiologic Sciences & Therapy Radiologic Sciences & Therapy 23
Radiology Radiology 3
Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy 7
Romanian Romanian 1
Rural Sociology Rural Sociology 5
Russian Russian 28
Sanskrit Sanskrit 1
Scholars University Scholars, University 1
Sexuality Studies Sexuality Studies 1
Slavic Languages & Literatures Slavic Languages & Literatures 13
Social Work Social Work 79
Sociology Sociology 69
Somali Somali 6
Spanish Spanish 67
Speech and Hearing Science Speech and Hearing Science 52
Statistics Statistics 49
Surgery Surgery 14
Swahili Swahili 6
Swedish Swedish 2
Theatre Theatre 52
Turkish Turkish 3
Uzbek Uzbek 2
Veterinary Biosciences Veterinary Biosciences 27
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Veterinary Clinical Sciences 80
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine 49
Veterinary Preventive Medicine Veterinary Preventive Medicine 28
Vision Science Vision Science 20
Welding Engineering Welding Engineering 35
Womens Gender&Sexuality Sts Women's, Gender&Sexuality Sts 30
Yiddish Yiddish 6
Yoruba Yoruba 2

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